Turn Carts. Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency is recalling certain vape cartridges — glass cartridges containing cannabis oil — due to the possible presence of banned chemical residue exceeding the established limits, the agency announced Friday.

The vape cartridges — manufactured under the name “FLIGHT LIVE RESIN DISPOSABLE” — were manufactured by the Mount Morris-based marijuana processor Sky Labs near Flint and include three batches called “Grease Monkey,” “Space Ether” and “Bubblegum.”

More than 13,000 of these vape cartridges have been sold, David Harns, a spokesperson for the CRA said, and about 2,200 of them are currently available for sale at 59 dispensaries. Turn Carts the banned chemical residues that are possibly in the products include Bifenthrin (an insecticide), Myclobutanil (a chemical used as a fungicide), Bifenazate (a pesticide), Paclobutrazol (an organic compound used as a plant growth retardant and fungicide) and Permethrin (an insecticide), he said.

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